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Golden Arrow Bonsai

"Let Yourself Go Wild"

Ancient Collected Trees

Andrew Smith, 22473 Alpine Acres Dr., Deadwood, S.D. 57732 605-342-4467

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Trees for Bonsai

200. Tree # 200P157. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 125 years. Collected 5/18. Price: $450. Estimated shipping: $175. Comments: A cool old tree.


I've heard that the arches in a medeival cathedral are meant to feel like a forest arching overhead. This is one we got to go into in Belgium. I tried, but I didn't feel like I was in a forest. But it was inspiring.

201. Tree # 201P167.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 250 years. Collected: 5/17. Price: $1225. Estimated shipping: $100. Comments: A super cool, rare, old pine.


204. A bighorn ram standing alongside the road. Black Hills bighorn sheep have been plagued by a type of pneumonia in recent years that has greatly reduced the population. The GF&P is working on the problem.


202. Tree # 202S27.  Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 50 years. Collected 10/16. Price: $225. Estimated shipping: $100. Comments:  As it fills out it will get better and better. I especially like this tree because the roots are clasping a flat rock -a natural mud man hangout!

205. Tree # 205P180. Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 75 years.

Collected: 10/17.

Price: $275.

Shipping: $110. Comments: A thick, rugged trunk.


207. Tree # 207N32. Species: Scots pine. Estimated age: 10 years. Nursery 2016. Price: $125. Estimated shipping: $65. Comments: It's all set and looking for someone to grow with.


208. Tree # 208S33. Species: Colorado spruce. Estimated age: 150 years. Collected 6/18. Price: $775. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: Great potential in an old spruce. I trimmed this one up a bit to give it some direction. The left photo would be my preferred front, but the branch layout would be a little easier from the other side. Ready to wire this spring.


209. Tree# 209P20. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 125 years. Collected: 5/17. Price: $1575. Estimated shipping: $325. Comments: A  super-cool old pine looking for a better pot.


212. Tree # 212P177.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 90 years. Collected: 6/19. Price: $325. Estimated shipping: $100. Comments: Super cool natural literati.

210. Tree# 210J29. Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 150 years. Collected: 10/18. Price: $925. Estimated shipping: $120. Comments: Excellent shari on the trunk -highlighted for visibility. This one has everything you need to make a spectacular bonsai.

211. Tree# 211S34.

Species: Black Hills spruce.

Estimated age: 15 years.

Collected: 5/19.

Price: $85.

Estimated shipping: $25.

Comments: A small spruce grove on a sparkly stone.


203. Tree # 203H14. Species: Saskatoon serviceberry. Estimated age: 30 years. Collected 5/19. Price: $275. Estimated shipping: $50. Comments:  Clump style with 11 trunks. White flowers, blue fruit, yellow fall leaves, Sara Raynor pot with crackle glaze.