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Tools & More Tools

Who knows where the path might go?

Featuring Joshua Roth

professional grade tools

Made of the highest quality Japanese carbon steel to last a lifetime.

When I finally decided I deserved some real bonsai tools the first purchase I made was a pair of Joshua Roth concave cutters. That was over 20 years ago and despite lots of hard use on lots of hard wood they still work perfectly and are my favorite pair.

They are a little more expensive than some bonsai tools, but in my opinion they are well worth the price. As my friend Al used to say, "Andy, quality only hurts once."

I can order any Joshua Roth or Ryuga tool listed on their website. 50% deposit required. The tools I have pictured here are what I am keeping in stock. Free shipping via Priority mail on all tool purchases over $100.

Item # T21: 5 in stock. Ryuga KFU-01. Bonsai jin knife. Perfect for removing bark and carving deadwood.  Price: $13.00.  Shipping: $6.00

Item # T24: 4 in stock. Ryuga KF-3. Carving knife. An all purpose carving knife that you'll use again and again. Price: $10.00 Shipping: $6.00

Item # T23: 4 in stock. Ryuga KF-2.Carving knife/chisel. Heavy duty blade with a wooden sheath. Price: $17.00 Shipping: $6.00

Item # T22: 5 in stock. Ryuga KF-1.Carving/ grafting knife. Razor-sharp grafting style blade with a wooden sheath. Price: $19.00. Shipping: $6.00

Item # T10: 3 in stock. JR169 8" Professional grade concave branch cutter. An excellent well-made tool for all bonsai work. Made for removing branches flush with the trunk.

Price: $120. Free shipping.

Item # T11: 2 in stock. JR165 8" Professional grade bonsai wire cutter. Rounded head cuts wire without damaging the branch. Easily cuts any size wire.

Price: $120. Free shipping.

Item # T14: 2 in stock. JR2168 6.5"  professional grade angled head pliers. A smaller version. Can travel carry-on.

Price: $95. Shipping: $10.

Item # T15: 4 in stock. JR163 8" Professional grade ashinaga shear. An excellent shear for foliage trimmimg, pruning and all around use. Super sharp blades.

Price: $55. Shipping $10.

Item # T16: 4 in stock. Kamaki #650 Professional grade hasami garden/bonsai shear.These are great! Super sharp with blades and handles that are slightly  heavier make these shears useful for foliage, root and light branch work.

Price: $45. Shipping: $10.

Item # T27: 1 in stock. JR3500 Cordura Nylon tool roll with Joshua Roth logo. Seven pockets to hold your tools at home or while travelling. Price: $25. Shipping $12.

Item # T17: 4 in stock. JR164 7.5" Professional grade Satsuki shears. A great shear for all around needle and foliage pruning.

Price: $55. Shipping: $10.

Item # T26: 2 in stock. The perfect Exacto jin carving knife! Once you get one of these you'll use it all the time! Perfect for removing bark and carving deadwood. Comes with one carving, one round and one v-blade.            Price: $25. Shipping: $8. Set of one extra round and v-blade: $8.50  Shipping: $4.

Item # T12: 2 in stock. JR2165 7" Professional grade bonsai wire cutter. Same as above but with a slightly smaller size that can travel carry on. Rounded head cuts wire without damaging the branch. Easily cuts any size wire.  Price: $95. Shipping: $10.

Item # T13: 2 in stock. JR1158 8.5" Intermediate grade angled head bonsai/jin pliers. Angled head is especially useful for bonsai work!

Price: $95. Shipping: $10.

Item # T20: 2 in stock. Ryuga RC-05 bonsai yattoko pliers. Standard version wire and jin pliers. Comes with zippered carrying case.

Price: $55. Shipping: $10.

Item # T18: 5 in stock. Joshua Roth stainless steel Garden Cut shears. Razor sharp stainless blades for all kinds of bonsai work and other jobs. You'll love 'em!

Price: $30. Shipping: $10.

Item # T25: 5 in stock. Ryuga KF-3. Draw knife. Perfect for peeling and removing bark and carving hard to reach spots. Price: $15.00 Shipping: $6.00

Item # T30: Out of stock. Silver plated spoon with bonsai design by Frank Mihalic. For putting sugar in tea. Price: $25. Shipping $5.

Item # BA8: 4 in stock. Heavy duty 17" branch bender. For convincing branches where they want to go. Price: $30. Shipping $15.