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The Burlap Bonanza!

The sale where you get to Keep the Burlap!

Welcome to The Burlap Bonanza! Here's how it works:

1) Availability is totally dependent on the weather, my other work schedule and my luck at collecting. Trees may not be available every year. But usually I will try to start in late March and finish by mid-May.

2) Trees are sold as-is, with the root mats wrapped in burlap. There are no refunds. The advantages to you are: A) 30-50% discount off normal price. B) Pot the tree in your own soil, in your own pot, at the angle you choose. C) Gain experience with collected material and grow your tree right from the start.

3) Sales are first come-first served. Email is the best way to place an order.

4) Shipping estimates are based on FedEx Home delivery. Several trees will usually ship together for the price of the largest tree plus $5 per additional tree.

5) All trees are legally collected from National Forest, BLM, state or private lands. Individual transplant permits will be left on the trees when provided.

6) Only Ponderosa pine, Black Hills spruce and other plentiful species with high survival rates will be offered. Posting times for new trees will be listed on this page at least 24 hrs in advance.

The next posting of trees will be: Update! Unfortunately winter just lasted too long this year and shortened my collecting season by over a month. I don't have the trees to do the Burlap Bonanza this spring, so it will have to wait until this fall or next spring. My apologies to everyone who has been waiting!

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Bonsai soil and plastic pots are available on Page 8.