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it ain't bonsai!

Golden Arrow Bonsai

"Let Yourself Go Wild"

Ancient Collected Trees

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Workshop Trees

Currently there are two workshops scheduled. The first is for Rapid City Community Education, April 14th from 2-5 p.m. at the Community Learning Center. The next one is for the Eastern Iowa Bonsai Association, in Cedar Rapids, IA, August 21st from 4-8 pm.

Other workshop trees will be posted as dates are finalized.

You wouldn't expect to run into one of these guys while out in the woods, but I have. Always makes me reconsider my path!

The trees pictured below will be used for the Community Ed. bonsai class in Rapid City and will be used to make small bonsai like those pictured here. Trees will be selected at class. Bonsai design, care, development and history will be discussed. Bring your questions! The fee for the tree and wire is $25.

Tree # W1:  Colorado Spruce

Bristlecone Pine

E. White Pine

Serbian Spruce

Norway Spruce

Tree # W2:  Colorado Spruce

Tree # W3:  Colorado Spruce

Tree # W4:  Scots Pine

Tree # W5:  Scots Pine

Tree # W6:  Douglas Fir

Tree # W7:  Douglas Fir

Tree # W8:  Douglas Fir

Tree # W9:  Austrian Pine

Tree # W10:  Austrian Pine

Tree # W11:  Austrian Pine

Tree # W12:  Black Hills Spruce