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For customers in The Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, including Metro St Louis, I recommend Spee-Dee Delivery, which is about half, or less, of the FedEx rate.

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Updated 7/18/19

Trees for Bonsai

Moonrise in mid-July over snowfields in Colorado.

Look at this cute little ponderosa! Not a chance it will go anywhere though.

100. Tree # 100P93.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 85 years. Collected 5/18. Price: $150. Estimated shipping: $80. Comments: Nice for a bunjin. That long branch will easily pull down.


101. Tree # 101P61. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 65 years. Collected 5/18. Price: $200. Estimated shipping: $85. Comments: Nice base and movement. Should come out pretty nicely.


102. Tree # 102S18.  Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 10 years. Collected 5/16. Price: $55. Estimated shipping: $10. Comments: You can put it in your shirt pocket. Japanese pot.


104. Tree # 104P100.

Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 30 years.

Collected 3/17.

Price: $675.

Estimated shipping: $80.

Comments: A very unique penjing style pine. Sara Raynor pot.


105. Tree # 105J14.  Species: Rocky Mt juniper. Estimated age: 100 years. Collected 5/18. Price: $1125. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: A natural raft style juniper with three main trunks. Will develop into a charming bonsai.


108. Tree # 108P102. Species: Scots pine. Estimated age: 10 years. Nursery 5/15. Price: $150. Estimated shipping: $355. Comments: Three pines in a cascading group. Fred Tarnow pot.


Comments: Well, spring this year has blown me completely off course! It's June and we're getting torrential rains, flooding, washed out roads and even some touches of snow. So I'm a bit behind with almost everything. But so are the trees, so maybe I can still catch up!


A great subalpine fir at close to 11,000' in Colorado.

103. Tree # 103S20.  Species: Colorado spruce. Estimated age: 50 years. Collected 2017. Price: $150. Estimated shipping: $40. Comments: A cool, small, old spruce.


106. Tree # 106P385.  

Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 75 years.

Collected 3/16.

Price: $275.

Estimated shipping: $90.

Comments: Good tree for further development.

107. Tree # 107J20. Species: Rocky Mountain juniper. Estimated age: 200 years. Collected 10/16. Price: $1525. Estimated shipping: $250. Comments: An old juniper off to a great start.