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   Updated 2/25/21

Trees for Bonsai

101. Tree # 101S27. Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 50 years. Collected 10/16. Price: $275. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: Roots clasping a flat rock. Dave Lowman pot.


102. Tree # 102S50. Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 100 years. Collected 5/17. Price: $725. Estimated shipping: $135. Comments: A beautiful and graceful literati tree with shari on the trunk.

104. Tree # 104H23.

Species: Eastern Hophornbeam.

Estimated age: 25 years. Collected: 5/18. Price: $375. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: Great bark and base and a naturally twiggy growth form.


105. Tree # 105J53.

Species: Rocky Mt juniper. Estimated age: 200 years. Collected 10/14. Price: $1225. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: Nice size and proportions on an old juniper.


108. Tree # 108P332. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 50 years. Collected: 7/19.

Price: $875.

Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: Good God look at that awesome trunk! Thick, flaky bark.


106. Tree # 106S49.

Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 150 years. Collected 6/19. Price: $625. Estimated shipping: $150. Comments: An old literati spruce. Hard to come by. Tree height 47".

107. Tree # 107P20.   Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 125 years.

Collected 3/17.

Price: $1525.

Estimated shipping: $200.

Comments: A stunning old pine.

Black Hills Bonsai Calendar: February 2021

Average current temps: Daytime: 20s & 30s; Nightime: Single digits to teens. Average temps with a bit of snow.

Watering: Every two weeks, average, unless the soil is frozen.

Tasks: Pruning branches, cleaning deadwood. Wiring established pines.

Avoiding: Major wiring with heavy bending, especially on spruce. Any repotting or root work.


103. Tree # 103J54. Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 100 years. Collected: 5/15. Price: $875. Estimated shipping: $360. Comments: An elegant literati juniper in a Ross Adams pot.


109. Tree # 109S40.  Species: Colorado spruce. Estimated age: 200 years. Collected: 6/18. Price: $3500. Estimated shipping: $425. Comments: It's alright! What a great, stout trunk

Nails and mud.

100. Tree # 100J55.  Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 25 years. Collected 4/20. Price: $125. Estimated shipping: $45. Comments: A small triple trunk cascade.


If you are unfamiliar, or have no previous experience, with the species I am offering here, do some research before making a purchase. Please contact a bonsai club or nursery in your local area and find out if the tree will do well in your environment.

This pine snapped off during a storm over a year ago. The broken top imbedded itself in the ground where it continues to stand.