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Shipping Info: Shipping estimates are based on FedEx Home Delivery. For customers in The Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, including Metro St Louis, I recommend Spee-Dee Delivery, which is about half, or less, of the FedEx rate. Tools and other items can be shipped priority mail.

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   Updated 4/18/21

Trees for Bonsai

101. Tree # 101S27. Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 50 years. Collected 10/16. Price: $275. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: Roots clasping a flat rock. Dave Lowman pot.


102. Tree # 102P401. SOLD Species: Lodgepole pine. Estimated age: 20 years. Collected 8/20. Price: $85. Estimated shipping: $22 -priority mail. Comments: Perfect for a mame pine.

104. Tree # 104J51. Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 80 years. Collected 6/19. Price: $325. Estimated shipping: $55. Comments: Lots of jin and shari to work on.


105. Tree # 105J53.

Species: Rocky Mt juniper. Estimated age: 200 years. Collected 10/14. Price: $1225. Estimated shipping: $150. Comments: Nice size and proportions on an old juniper.


108. Tree # 108P279.

Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 25 years. Collected: 4/20.

Price: $100.

Estimated shipping: $35. Comments: A nice small pine with some character.


106. Tree # 106P177.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 90 years. Collected 6/19.

Price: $325.

Estimated shipping: $85. Comments: A natural bunjin with excellent shari up the trunk.

107. Tree # 107P20.   Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 125 years.

Collected 3/17.

Price: $1525.

Estimated shipping: $200.

Comments: A stunning old pine.

Black Hills Bonsai Calendar: Early April 2021

Average current temps: Daytime: 40s - 50s; Nightime: 20s - 40s. Heavy spring snows bring moisture but will delay collecting.

Watering: Once a week, or when dry.

Tasks: Pruning branches, cleaning deadwood. Wiring established trees. Repotting deciduous trees.

Avoiding: Repotting or root work on conifers. But starting soon.


103. Tree # 103H34.


Species: American plum. Estimated age: 15 years. Collected: 4/20. Price: $75. Estimated shipping: $65. Comments: White flowers and small, edible fruit.


109. Tree # 109S40.  Species: Colorado spruce. Estimated age: 200 years. Collected: 6/18. Price: $3500. Estimated shipping: $425. Comments: It's alright! What a great, stout trunk

100. Tree # 100J55.  Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 25 years. Collected 4/20. Price: $125. Estimated shipping: $45. Comments: A small triple trunk cascade.


Spring! The season of lichen, moss and melting snow.

Here's the Video!


The Burlap Bonanza!

Winter weather is delaying collecting. I will get new trees up before the end of April. I'm just waiting for the snow to melt again.

If you are unfamiliar, or have no previous experience, with the species I am offering here, do some research before making a purchase. Please contact a bonsai club or nursery in your local area and find out if the tree will do well in your environment.