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Shipping Info: Shipping estimates are based on FedEx Home Delivery to the East Coast. Include your full shipping address and phone # when asking about a tree and I'll see if I can get a better rate. Spee-Dee is available in some areas. Priority mail works well for tools and wire.

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   Updated 3/29/23

Trees for Bonsai

101. Tree # 101S83. Species: Black Hills spruce. Estimated age: 125 years. Collected 9/2021. Price: $525. Estimated shipping: $150. Comments: You just can't beat a good Black Hills spruce for bonsai. Flexible branches, shari on the trunk.

102. Tree # 102P623.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 20 years. Collected: 3/2022. Price: $85. Estimated shipping: $35. Comments: Always wanted to be a tiny bonsai.

105. Tree # 105H47

Species: Paper birch. Estimated age: 40 years. Collected 04/2021.

Price: $275.

Estimated shipping: $140. Comments: Once a larger tree, much of the original trunk has decayed, but a new branch has taken over.

106. Tree # 106J110.  Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 60 years. Collected 4/2021. Price: $150. Estimated shipping: $80. Comments: A cascading juniper with two trunks.

109. Tree # 109P457.

Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 200 years. Collected: 3/20.

Price: $1525.

Estimated shipping: $425. Comments: This is an awesome old pine. And it's on it's way to becoming an awesome bonsai.

107. Tree # 107H49.

Species: Alpine currant.

Estimated age: 15 years.

Collected 4/2021.

Price: $65.

Estimated shipping: $35. Comments: Long lasting pink-white flowers and edible red fruit.

108. Tree # 108P620. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 7 years. Collected: from seed,5/2017. Price: $100. Estimated shipping: $45. Comments: A tiny forest starting on a shale slab.

Black Hills Bonsai Calendar: Early April 2023

Average current temps: Daytime: 20s -50s; Nightime: low teens to 30s. Winter shows no sign of letting up and we are in for a late spring.

Watering: Based on need. Average once every two weeks.

Tasks: Resting! Checking heat and water. Wiring and styling conifers.

Avoiding: Transplanting and repotting.

103. Tree # 103J113. Species: Common juniper. Estimated age: 50 years. Collected: 10/2020. Price: $150. Estimated shipping: $90. Comments: Tip it and make a cascade?

110. Tree # 110P621

Species: Ponderosa pine.

Estimated age: 100 years. Collected: 4/2022.

Price: $525.

Estimated shipping: $185. Comments: A tall litersti pine with great shari on the lower trunk.

100. Tree # 100N55. Species: Eastern Hemlock pair. Estimated age: 15 years. Nursery 2012. Price: $75. Estimated shipping: $50. Comments: Nice dark green foliage and flexible trunks.

A Black Hills spruce pair I collected in 2002? on display at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington, DC. Awesome!

I'm starting to look for spring. It's not here yet, but I HOPE it's on the way.

I'll be adding new trees soon. Tools are up to date. Books and pots are not currently up to date.

Shipping keeps going up and up! Please include your full shipping address with any inquiries and maybe I can get a better price than my posted estimates. I'll do my best to keep shipping as affordable as I can.

If you are not familiar with the species offered here please check with a local nursery or bonsai group to see if that species will survive in your area. A little research goes a long way!

An ancient five-foot tall pine with an enormous bulbous base. Trees with this characteristic are typically not collectable.

104. Tree # 104P626. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 20 years. Collected: 5/2022. Price: $125. Estimated shipping: $70. Comments: Dense foliage pads and a lack of a coherent design make this a must-have.