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Shipping Info: Shipping estimates are based on FedEx Home Delivery. They are estimates, and may be adjusted up or down depending on your location.

For customers in The Dakotas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, including Metro St Louis, I recommend Spee-Dee Delivery, which is about half, or less, of the FedEx rate.

From September through May smaller trees can ship standard post, again at about half the FedEx rate. Tools and other items can be shipped priority mail.

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Updated 12/01/19

Trees for Bonsai

Designed by wind, rock, rain and snow.

100. Tree # 100P164.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 60 years. Collected 5/19. Price: $225. Estimated shipping: $45. Comments: Actually it's a sort of twin-trunk with some jins to develop.


101. Tree # 101P147. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 40 years. Collected 5/19. Price: $100. Estimated shipping: $30. Comments: This should make a nice shohin pine!

102. Tree # 102J28.  Species: Rocky Mt juniper. Estimated age: 250 years. Collected 5/16. Price: $3850. Estimated shipping: $250. Comments: Super cool! A great old juniper with lots of past and lots of future.


104. Tree # 104N17.

Species: Hinoki Cypress.

Estimated age: 20 years.

Collected Nursery material.

Price: $350.

Estimated shipping: $85.

Comments: A really nice Hinoki ready for further development.


105. Tree # 105J14.  Species: Rocky Mt juniper. Estimated age: 100 years. Collected 5/18. Price: $1125. Estimated shipping: $125. Comments: A natural raft style juniper with three main trunks. Will develop into a charming bonsai.


108. Tree # 108P70.  Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 100 years. Collected: 5/18. Price: $575. Estimated shipping: $275. Comments: A very nice old pine waiting to become a great bonsai.


Comments: Winter has come early to the Black Hills this year, but maybe fall will come back for at least a little while. One nice thing about winter is that the long nights leave time for doing things that don't get done in summer; reading, writing, even wiring trees!


103. Garden art. My friend, Ron Beshara, carves these characters in old, resin preserved, pine knots. The wood will last for decades inside or out, and each is unique. See more on page 4.


106. Tree # 106P160. Species: Ponderosa pine. Estimated age: 30 years. Collected 5/19. Price: $125. Estimated shipping: $80. Comments: A vigorous young pine with some character.

107. Tree # 107J20. Species: Rocky Mountain juniper. Estimated age: 200 years. Collected 10/16. Price: $1525. Estimated shipping: $250. Comments: An old juniper off to a great start.

Cats Alive! Ok, so I have rodent problems. It's no worse than foot odor or uncontrolled projectile vomiting, which people sometimes do have. Like many people, I have tried everything to solve my problem, alas, to no avail. BUT, recently I aquired two cats, Kenji (pictured) and Skitter, and they have made all the difference. It's true they can't really tell a bonsai pot from a kitty litter box, but they will eat anything on 4-legs that doesn't eat them first, and that's priceless. So far, I've seen a lot less random gnawing on my trees than usual, and that's worth more than a lot of cat food.